Friday, September 12, 2014

Weekday Sketches

Few sketches done through the week and a new journal I made from scrap paper.

A pink dragonfly has taken residence in an artificial pool near my office. It's the highlight of my day to watch it buzz around and sun itself in a stylish whirl of color. 

The view from my terrace. 


My first attempt at bookbinding!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Buddha Vihar, Bangalore

Buddha Vihar is the Buddhists place of worship. The Buddha Vihar in Frazer Town, Banlaore was started in 1907 by Ayodidas Panditar, hailing from Madras and who had visited Sri Lanka and had embraced Buddhism there. And I discovered this place as it was the location for this week's pencil jamming.

It’s a serene place with a prayer/meditation hall, a small house where the caretakers reside and a humongous Peepal tree that is a microcosm in itself. Mr. Mohan, who opens the place for prayers, mentioned the plans of have a residential complex for monks within the compound. He spoke of the time when Dalai Lama visited the place for its 100th anniversary.

Given the hustle bustle of the city, you are sure to overlook this place. However, if you do step into the building you will find an oasis of peace. The interiors have two beautiful statues of Buddha and some colourful artefacts.