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Chicken Baba and Sundry Sketches

Food is an intrinsic part of Indian society ... it is considered to be the primary means of exhibiting emotions. For example, all Bollywood movies depict the loving wife/mother in a poignant “food serving” scene. I won’t even get into classical Indian literature!!

Anyhow, Blaft’s next “Obliterary Journal” touches upon the theme of meat, quite a pertinent one I think.  

I’m wondering, is it possible to be an animal lover and a staunch non-vegetarian at the same time?  With a considerable bit of hypocrisy, I guess it’s possible – something that I don’t introspect much about.

About Chicken Baba:

One of my grandparent’s neighbors used to sell chicken. He began a humble operation, years back, with a couple of chicks and one Luna. Soon he prospered. I guess he wanted more social acceptance, and took to sainthood. Every evening there would be a gathering in his house, where he would preach and offer his blessings. He dissociated himself from the chicken business, which was handled by several workers. Chicken Baba became quite popular. 

However, the business end of things didn't seem all that good. His workers began to cheat him, and his prosperity was threatened. So he decided to do some multi-tasking, and handled both the business and preaching.

Based on a photograph by Slogan Murugan

I don't get religious logic (an oxymoron) ...well  religious arguments about being vegetarian, and the perception of those who are not. 

The week that was ...