Thursday, August 30, 2012

Miniature doodle note-books and craft paper

 I made these doodle sketch books and note papers last weekend. The last post was about the mess that led to these creations. It all started with a desire to experiment with the plastic wrap and salt techniques. I had some good quality architect paper which I used. The papers looked so bright that I was inspired to turn them into doodle note-books. 

For this one, I used animal doodles for the front and back cover. 

A small dialogue box. 

The other one is a more elegant, fantasy lemon tree ...

I still have a lot of these patterned paper left. I'm stacking it for future use :D
Paper craft is so much fun, even though it means a looong clean-up session afterwards. 

I was about the throw the plastic bag I had used, when my husband said it looked like a body bag. And he took a series of body bag photographs :D

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  1. Pretty cool artistic creation. I luv this.