Friday, March 9, 2012

Green Fingers

Sometimes, its just enough to look out of the window and see a pretty, green, plant ....

Sometimes during the day a bird visits me- a deep blue whistling thrush, hopping about on long dainty legs, too nervous to sing. She perches on a windowsill, looking out at the rain. If I sit quietly in my chair, she will sit quietly at her windowsill, glancing now and then to make sure I keep my distance. When the rain stops, she glides away, and it is only then, confident in her freedom, that she bursts into full-throated song, her broken but enchanting melody echoing down the ravine. - Excerpt from Visitors From The Forest, Ruskin Bond.

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  1. Hi Seema,thanks for stopping by my blog.So far I have seen only this blog of yours but surely would visit the other blogs and I am sure too will interesting like this one.