Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bylakuppe & Kushalnagar

Kushalanagara is a town located in the east of Kodagu district, near the Kaveri river, in the state of Karnataka, India. The Bylakuppe settlement for Tibetan refugees is nearby in Mysore district. In pre-Independence times, it was known as Fraserpet after Colonel Fraser who was the Political Agent in Coorg around 1834.

A fish shop on way from Kushalnagar to Nisargadhama.

Few steps from Kushalnagara, you can sense the local flavour in the little farms and houses' architecture.

To appreciate the flavour more, you need to take walks inside the settlements, which present a strange yet visually appealing marriage of colors, traditions, and architecture.
These are just few of the sights of the ever-present flags looming over the quintessential brown hut-structured house sheds.

Few kilometers from Kushalnagar is Bylakuppe.

Bylakuppe is the Tibetitan Refugee resettlement, location of "Lugsum Samdupling" (established in 1961) and "Dickyi Larsoe" (established in 1969), in the west of Mysore district.

The Golden Temple in Bylakuppe, Karnataka, is a home for thousands of Tibetans living in exile and a center for Tibetan Buddhism in South India.

The Tibetian refugees make up a population of about 10,000. It consists of a number of small camps/agricultural settlements close to each other, and has a number of monasteries, nunneries and temples in all the major Tibetan Buddhist traditions. Most notable among them are the large educational monastic institution Sera, the smaller Tashilunpo monastery (both in the Gelukpa tradition) and Namdroling monastery (in the Nyingma tradition).


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and bringing me to yours. These remind me of my trek in Nepal many years ago.

  2. @ Carole : It's nice to know that these paintings sparked off some memories for you.

  3. Beautiful sketches...i really liked the subjects and compositions...good work

  4. You are very keen on painting. i really like these painings, thanks. Kushalnagar is the town, some of the tourist visiting sits also here. see here Places to visit in Kushalnagar i found this on google for Kushalnagar.

  5. @ Rakesh , thanks :) ... yes i'm very passionate about painting

  6. These are beautiful. I have seen so many photogrpahs of the place, but they have never made it look special like these painting.

  7. yeah i know this, when my friend visited to kushalnagar, i heard from my friend. kushalnagar is one of the tourist spot in coorg, but it's landscape not like perfect coorg. weather and lanscapes almost like mysore district in Kushalnagar.