Friday, February 12, 2010


Some rough sketches of Madikeri - district headquarters of Coorg. I remember a rather muddy town, with frequent showers, a little overcrowded with tourists , a center of a beautiful district - but not that enchanting in itself ... And as i spent one rainy day walking around some sights caught my fancy ... I hummmed 'Hill Station' songs , got wet and bought coffee, cardamom, chocolate flavored tea, Lemon Oil and some wine ...

This is a place in the town called Raja's Tomb , where King Dodda Vira Raja, his wife and son Lingarajendra (not too sure) have been laid to rest. The tombs built are in the Islamic style.


  1. nice!...looks like a peaceful town.
    Good work!!
    (water color scares me...there is no Ctrl+z in that!!! :D)

  2. Lovely art work... Very nicely captured...

  3. excellent art work
    excellent art work...........