Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Contemplating Suicide

There is no peace within … every morning there is this need to not wake up … and the world is a heavy wet blanket that suffocates and weights me down …


  1. cdn't understand a bit ..but still a nice rather appealing pic

  2. Obrigada pela visita em meu blog! Fico muito feliz em poder conhecer pessoas tão criativas como você. Parabéns pelas suas obras de arte. Abraços

  3. It is indeed an interesting artwork :))

    Thanx a bunch for following my blog my dear...and I'll be following yours too :))

    Do stop by my photography blog aswell...
    leave comments, add, follow...anything...a feedback is always encouraging :))

    I see you are ariving as a writter as talented girl :))

    Shall stop by often for more on your art and poetry :))


  4. ahh.. i soo much luv this jar! the 'yellow'...the 'blue' and the shape of the top of the jar!